Allies In Action

WIPN advocates for every woman’s right to be paid her full value. Through focused mentorship and sponsorship, we're tackling the challenges that hinder women's career advancement and turning potential into progress. Join us in our commitment to ensure every woman is valued and empowered in the workplace.

WIPN’s research shows that not only can networking benefit women by getting jobs, but mentor/sponsor connections can help organizations grow and retain top female talent. The obstacles that women face that keep them from advancing to top level positions often have their roots in a lack of mentorship and/or sponsorship.

Mentors and sponsors can help to improve a less-than promising career path and break down the biggest perceived barrier to success at work: a lack of available opportunities.  WIPN’s research also shows that women tend to be over-mentored and under-sponsored. To help level the playing field, we are introducing the Allies in Action program.

Men as Advocates

WE Inspire. Promote. Network (WIPN) is launching a Allies in Action initiative initiative to engage and educate men about WIPN because we believe it will be mutually beneficial to all in the retirement industry. WIPN will be calling on men to advocate for women by driving new opportunities for women to succeed in their careers. Studies show that increases in gender diversity have been linked to boosts in profitability. So, when we partner together to change the retirement industry–we all win!

WIPN is a non-profit organization with over 1500 members and 32 chapters. WIPN seeks to promote women at all career and leadership levels though exclusive networking events, mentoring and coaching opportunities and informative webinars as well as events hosted by local chapters or at national industry conferences.

How to Be a WIPN Advocate for Change

Encourage women you know in our industry to join WIPN.

Support national and regional chapter events by becoming a WIPN sponsor or attending a WIPN co-ed event.

Promote and repost social media events featuring WIPN.

Recruit, coach or mentor WIPN members.

Invite WIPN Board members to national events and forums.

Be a champion for WIPN with both your female and male colleagues.

Leverage WIPN’s job board to drive diversity and inclusion for your business (exclusively for WIPN sponsors).