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Discover how WIPN can help you advance your career and connect with like-minded professionals in the retirement industry.

Connect with like-minded professionals

Discover how WIPN can help you advance your career and connect with like-minded professionals in the retirement industry.

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Through WIPN, I have connected with countless intelligent and thoughtful leaders in the industry at leadership summits, local chapter events, and national events who have given such great advice and mentorship.

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Leadership & Networking Opportunities

WIPN has the members and the resources readily available to inspire the next generation and guide current leaders to learn from the experiences of their mentees.

Mentoring Opportunities

Mentoring & Guidance

WIPN is a true community in every sense of the word. Members may find support in various forms and at whatever level of engagement they may have the bandwidth for at that moment or with whatever challenges they may face (personally and professionally). It is also a community that celebrates the “wins” together.


Community & Support

I appreciate that WIPN has a strong presence within the industry to advocate for the progression of women’s careers. The organization continually produces strong research that raises awareness of the realities and challenges women in the financial services industry face.

Proprietary Research

Research & Awareness

WIPN afforded me the ability to connect with so many strong, career-driven women from different areas of the retirement plan industry who were all willing to offer me advice and support as I started my career.


Building Professional Connections

WIPN has provided me a fresh perspective on managing my personal life and my career as separate and important priorities. Without work/life balance, women struggle as they try to “do it all” and often feel as though they fall short. Meeting other women involved with WIPN and sharing tips for better balance has been priceless…

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Education & Work-Life Balance

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